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Why Max Performance Therapy?

Why Max Performance Therapy?
We help active adults and athletes get back into gym or sport they love without surgery, injections, or relying on pain medications.

To ensure you get the best possible outcome, you will have 1 on 1 care with Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will have direct access to your physical therapist if you have any questions

Wholistic approach: we don’t just treat the pain/symptoms but get you back into the sport/activity. We work on building resilience to your body to decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Cost transparency: you will not get another bill from us months later after completing your rehabilitation

Reliability: We do what we preach! As physical therapists, we participate in variety of exercises, activities, and sports to understand what it takes. We understand the desire to get back into the things you enjoy.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Max Performance Therapy in Orlando , FL

- Anna J.

“He takes his time listening and asking the right questions so that he can identify your issues. Then explains your issues and figure out a solution most fitted for you.”

- Michael J.

“Khoa’s advice and exercises have been super helpful for me. Best PT experience I’ve had “

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